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Tuau! (Thank You)

Tuau to everyone who supported our KamitFest DC celebration for the 40th Anniversity of the Ausar Auset Society International.

We are truly grateful and thankful for everyone that came out, bought an ad in our Kamit Directory , sent love and well-wishes, performed, vended and helped coordinate. Stay tuned for pictures of the event on our facebook page as well as on this site.

The first (and special 40th Anniversary) edition of our Kamit Directory is now online and we are now collecting ads for the Fall edition. We will produce this directory on a regular basis and we hope that you will find it useful and consider submitting your own business’ ad.

If you missed the event and want to be able to carry the directory in your purse, briefcase, bookbag, car or anywhere else please come by Senbeb Wellness Complex at 6224 3rd St. NW, Washington DC 20011.

Don’t ever wonder again “Where is that black business I need?”


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